Warehouse and Factory Lighting:

We offer a fully integrated design and installation facility for warehouse and factory lighting.

Design Service:

We all know that we live in a rapidly changing world of technology, often when companies expand they can overlook their existing installation and the possible chance of overloading the system, causing major failures and loss of business in the future.

Here at Bentley’s Electrical Services we offer a full range of consultancy and design services guiding you through the technical and legislative issues.

Cable Tray Systems:

A bridge like construction that carries electrical and data cables throughout.

All types of wiring are installed efficiently and manageably but most of all, cost effective. There are open and closed tray systems available in various forms.

110v Supply Systems:

We are able to offer a complete 110v supply, installation and maintenance service, including 110v transformers and 110v safety lighting.

Steel & PVC Conduit Installations:

We are able to offer you the correct advice on the choice for cost effectiveness and design for your requirements, conduit systems are dependable on the wall thickness of tubing, mechanical stiffness of the tubing and material used to make the tubing. The materials used will all have an effect on the installation labour costs.

Installation of SWA (Steel Wired Armoured) cables

Steel Wired Armoured cable (SWA) comes in a varying range of sizes and current ratings, these cables are waterproof and may be used underground, externally or in exposed situations, these cables need to be installed to BS7671:2008

Single and 3 Phase Systems including Panel Boards:

Are your 3 phase systems up to scratch? It is not uncommon for management to be unaware that their current 3 phase and single phase systems do not conform to the current 17th Edition of the IEE Wiring and HSE Regulations.

If you’re at all unsure we can advise you accordingly.

PAT Testing:

Portable appliance testing – System of formal, recorded visual checks and combined inspection and testing using a PAT testing meter. This is usually carried out on any equipment which has a plug, whether or not it is portable. (Portable handheld equipment is likely to need more frequent PAT testing than equipment which tends to stay in the same place)

When people work with electrical appliances, health and safety regulations say that the appliance must be proven to be safe. Testing should be carried out at regular intervals to ensure continual safety.

If this is not done, most insurances would not be valid if an accident was caused by an untested appliance.

Examples of common electrical appliances that would require testing: Computers, photocopiers, fax machines, power tools (drills, saws, grinders, compressors etc), battery chargers, desk-top lamps, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, extension leads, power boards, TV’s, radios, some air conditioners, refrigerators, portable flood lights, heaters, jugs, toasters, hand dryers, washing machines, radio transmitters, modems, CD players etc.

We will test, tag and issue you with records listing items tested and results given.

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm:

A new emergency lighting and fire alarm system or just an upgrade of your existing system? Bentley’s Electrical can offer both services.

All our installations meet the current BS5266 for emergency lighting and BS5839 for fire alarm installations.

If you’re unsure of anything don’t hesitate to ask, we are only a phone call away.

Security and Outside Lighting:

We can offer you a personalised security system also available all types of security lighting either operated by sensor and/or switching.


We all know that things work best when they are maintained and your business is no exception, at Bentley Electrical Services we want your business to be able to operate at its maximum, that’s why we can offer you a maintenance service second to none where we can supply you with the knowledge of all your electrical legal obligations.